Fix for RSLogix 5000 EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION on Windows 10

When I first installed and tried to run RSLogix 5000 on my new Windows 10 laptop, I was met with the following ugly Fatal Error for an EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION:

A pop-up dialog from RSLogix 5000 showing a Fatal Error for an EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION.
The dreaded Fatal Error.

I searched through several forum posts and tried several solutions, but what solved the problem for me was running the program as administrator.  

To change this setting, first right-click the RSLogix 5000 shortcut and click Properties:

The RSLogix 5000 icon on a desktop with its right-click Context Menu shown and Properties highlighted.

In the Shortcut tab, click Advanced…

The RSLogix 5000 Properties dialog. The Shortcut tab is shown with the Advanced... button highlighted.

Check Run as administrator, then hit OK on both dialogs to commit the changes.

The Advanced... dialog. Make sure Run as Administrator is checked.

For me, this was all it took to fix the RSLogix 5000 EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION on Windows 10!  Still having issues? Leave a comment with your situation, or check out this forum post on for some other things to try.

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11 Replies to “Fix for RSLogix 5000 EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION on Windows 10”

  1. This did not work for me. This error did not pop up until I changed from 20.01 to 20.05. For a particular processor, this is the latest I can run. I was having issues accessing the processor via the LAN. Linx could connect but 5000 “did not recognize” the processor. Had to use the 232 port. Too slow. Hoping 20.05 would fix that issue. Wonderful working with legacy products.

    1. Hi David,

      Sorry to hear it didn’t work for you. If you happen to think of it, let me know what solved your problem and if possible, what was different in your situation that prevented this fix from working.

      Yes, we’re doing some legacy conversions and it’s loads of fun. 🙂

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