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We Link You With The Candidates You Need

Finding qualified candidates to fill a job opening is no easy task. We know that the hiring process can distract from primary business objectives and can be both costly and frustrating.

At Industrial Automation Connection, we link you with automation, PLC, and robotics professionals who are actively searching for a new position. Here’s how it works:

  • Use the button below to provide some information about your business and about the position that you’re trying to fill
  • You’ll receive a welcome email, and we’ll start trying to match a candidate with your job opening
  • When a candidate expresses interest in new opportunities, a member of our team – who are all current or former industrial automation professionals, themselves – evaluates that candidate’s training and experience
  • When we find someone that we think you’ll want to interview, you’ll receive an email summarizing what the candidate brings to the table, and how well of a fit they would be for your opening’s requirements
  • If you would like to pursue that candidate further, simply login and pay for the lead through our portal

If you’re not interested in a given candidate, just don’t click the link! There’s no subscription fee or retainer; purchase leads only when you need them. You’ll only be charged for the candidates you select.

In other words, what do you have to lose? Tell us about the opening you’re hoping to fill, and we’ll tell you when we find someone who might be a great fit. If you like that person’s qualifications, you purchase their contact information. If you don’t, you delete the email and move on!

Click below to tell us how we can help you find great people: